Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

VIGILON  GENT by Honeywell

The Vigilon analogue addressable fire detection manages up to six loops accommodating up to 200 devices on each, including repeat panels, interfaces, call points, sensors, sounders and visual alarms. The Vigilon panel is available with 24 and 72 hour standby options. LCD display presents clear indication of Fire or Fault location and the control panel`s innovative 8 line * 40 character display with push button keypad is simple to use. GENT innovative S-Quad range compatible with Vigilon Panel EN-54-23 visual alarm devices in one intelligent unit


The Global Fire JUNIOR V4 is a single loop Analogue addressable control panel which can be expanded to two loops. it provides a cost effective solution for small to medium sized installations. The JUNIOR V4 can support up to 125 addressable devices on each loop which are compatible with major analogue addressable communications protocols. There are also 16 zone Fire LED indicators.

Smoke Detectors

Advanced detection and communication protocols, Easy installation and maintenance, sleek low-profile housing, Durable sensor head, no need for replacement, SMD circuit board design, High Quality and reliability guaranteed. The Patented dual angle optical scatter technology allows identification of particle source filtering potential false alarms due to steam and dust. The gas sensing element (CO) within the chamber monitors the concentration of carbon monoxide, a product of incomplete combustion in some fire types and potentially life threatening.

Heat Detectors 

The ZEOS-AD series of Analogue Addressable Detectors have been designed to be fully compatible with the Global Fire Equipment range of intelligent control panels, JUNIOR and JUNO NET. Compliant to EN54-5 and 7 the ZEOS-AD series detectors are available in Optical. Heat and combined smoke/heat detector versions. Optionally they can be fitted with a short circuit loop isolator.

Manual Call Points

MCPE-A is an Analogue Addressable Manual call point, designed and manufactured to comply with EN54-11 compatible with all GFE Addressable control panels. With its enhanced communications mechanism the typeical response time when in alarm, is approximately one second, depending on the number of call points connected to device loop.

Fire Alarm Bell & Voice Sounder & Flasher

The Addressable VULCAN 2 DS is available as a detector sounder, Beacon or combined sounder /Beacon. This particular device permits a conventional detector to be connected to the addressable loop via the sounder and/or Beacon. There are also versions available incorporating a loop isolator. All VULCAN 2 DS devices have dip-switch Address setting while tome selection is via a jumper. Shadow Sounder and detector Sounder setting are also achieved using the 8 way dip switch and a jumper respectively.

Our Maintenance Services & Installation

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