Conventional Fire Alarm System

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

The Xenex conventional Fire Detection and alarm system in Pakistan from GENT by Honeywell provides owners of small building premises with quality protection equipment at an economical price.   BSI approved to EN54: Parts 2 &4, the control panel can be used on installation meeting BS 5839: Control panel Options for 2 to 8 zones can be specified. ORION conventional control panel have the outstanding programmable features included in this panel range contradict the facilities commonly available in this type of panel and include: programmable time delay by zone, Day/Night mode, select-able non-latching zones and coincidence detection

Smoke Detectors

Optical Smoke Detectors are ideal at detecting visually smoky fires which are likely to be slow, smouldering fires. ABS casing with red LED fire indicator. The use of the diade base allows monitoring of a removed detector to comply with BS 5839. LPCB approved. N.B. Maximum of 20 per zone.

Heat Detectors 

Heat Detectors respond to changes in temperature and are better suited to smoky, dusty or steamy environment than smoke detectors. We have a comprehensive range of fixed, High temperature and rate of rise devices, making the range suitable for areas where the temperature fluctuates for natural reasons. ABS casing with red LED fire indicator. EN 54 Certified and CE Approved.

Manual Call Points

The GFE-MCPE-C is designed to comply with EN54-11 compatible with all GFE conventional control panels. A bi-colour LED flashes Green when the unit is connected to a control panel and is illuminated Red when in Alarm. MCP from GENT are all with a 470- Ohm resistor and Normally open contact, complete with glass. Weather proof IP67. Semi-flush or surface mounting, Fully compliant with EN54, Part11, Resettable operating element option. Resistive and clean contact connections.

Fire Alarm Bell & Voice Sounder & Flasher

GENT electronic bell for a wide range of uses. Metal casing available in Red or Grey finish. Suitable for semi flush or surface mounting. VULCAN 2 VOX C is a wall mounted Conventional voice Sounder which is available in either White or Red housings. Multi-Message, Follow Panel`s Sounder Programming. Multi-Language, 92dBA maximum output. Message easily programmed via USB interface using dedicated software. Synchronization for fast activation, compatible with most conventional panels.

Our Maintenance Services & Installation

Installation of Conventional systems, Wiring, Conducting, Piping, PVC, Interlink with other systems. Testing & Commissioning, Maintenance, Annual, Semi Annual and Monthly service Contracts.

Fire Alarm System