Halotron Fire Extinguisher


Halotron Fire Extinguishers are ''Clean Agents'' that leave no residue after discharge, Halotron is less damaging to the Earth`s Ozone layer than Halon. This Clean Agent discharges as a liquid, has high visibility during discharge, does not cause thermal or static shock, leaves no residue and is non-conducting. These properties make it ideal for computer rooms, Server Rooms, clean rooms, telecommunications equipment, theaters, and electronics etc.

FeaturesHalotron-fire Extinguisher Suppliers

Ready for instant use and simple to operate. Leaves no residue after using. Internal Pressure in the cylinder can be monitored by pressure gauge. Trouble and rust free brass valve body with minimal servicing requirements. Halotron is introduced recently as alternative for Halon 1211(BCF) which was banned by international agreements starting in 1994.


Halotron is a clean extinguishing agent and rapidly evaporating liquid. The primary extinguishing principle of Halotron is the absorption and removal of heat from the combustion area.  These superior properties of Halotron come at a slightly higher cost relative to CO2 But its suitable for Fire Class A,B & C.

Sizes and Availability of Halotron Fire ExtinguisherHalotron Fire Extinguisher in Pakistan

Portable Fire Extinguishers in 2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 9kg,14kg

Mobile Extinguishers 50kg, 75kg, 115kg

Supply of complete range of fire extinguishers and spare parts , UL listed, FM Approved, Kite Marked, British Standard, CE, EN, Import from USA, Europe, Middle East and China.

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