Fire Hose Cabinet & Fire Hose Pipes & Fire Hose Reels

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External Fire Hose Cabinet which includes 2.5″ dia x 2 Nos 100 Rft length of Hose Pipes, dimensions  H=100 cm x W=80 cm x D= 25 cm. 60cm from Floor level, diffuser nozzle of 2.5” inlet, 310 lpm@7bar, hydrant wrench is adjustable type, 1 No. Lug Spanner is also 1 no. Coupling Gasket is 2.5” Rubber, 4 Nos. , Fire Axe 1 No. NAFFCO Model NHC/750 or Bristol UK, G&H Germany make. Indoor Hydrant with internal surface mounted Fire Hose Reel vertical Cabinet size 800cm x 700cm NAFFCO UAE or Bristol UK or China make, External 4″ dia Flanged, Wet type fire hydrant pedestal type with controllable outlet and body of gray cast iron to BS 1503 while outlet is Copper Alloy to BS 12163 with Test Pressure of 24 Bars NAFFCO Model NHYD-060, Bristol, LIFECO UAE  or equivalent make.